Eco and Community Tourism in a Post Coronavirus World

With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in our lives, the concept of tourism is changing. Therefore we need to address tourism in a post Coronavirus World.
Most countries still have some form of travel restrictions in place. And it seems that at least some of those restrictions, and probably some new ones, may be with us for a very long time to come. 
Humans have an instinctive desire to travel and take holidays. But with long distance travel becoming more and more complicated and expensive, tourism is bound to change. Community tourism and Staycation breaks are set to become the face of tourism in the future. People will look to more local solutions, without the need to traverse the planet.

Changes to tourism in a Post Coronavirus World

These changes can in fact be a very good development for tourism as a whole. But it is absolutely essential that such programmes are introduced carefully. We need to ensure that there are financial benefits for hosts and hoteliers, without damaging community ways of life. We also need to retain and even enhance different culture. This can be done by sharing their unique beliefs and traditions with others. The beauty of good eco and community tourism in a post Coronavirus world is that once a few basic principles are understood, it is simple and replicable almost anywhere. Care needs to be taken because if introduced without the inclusion of all stakeholders, then immense damage can be inflicted on communities and cultures around the world.

Who we are

As a multi award winning eco lodge, we are proud to have been involved in community tourism for 20 years. We have received global recognition for our work. For almost 20 years, 3 Rivers & Rosalie forest eco lodge have been at the forefront. The eco lodges offer successful examples, training and advice on the introduction of fascinating community tourism projects around the world. Our goal has always been to respect cultures and create exciting and interesting activities for visitors. The aim is creating authentic experiences for visitors, and much needed income to individuals and communities.

International Organizations we have worked with

Many of our past projects have included close partnerships with many international organisations. Some examples are,,,, and many more.

What we offer

We offer onsite and on location courses and ecotourism consultancy services. With our new world in mind, we are now excited to be offering special, individually designed online classes and consultancy for a post Coronavirus world. The courses are designed to suit your particular requirements, on establishing community tourism projects. These courses are built to suit the hotels’, hotel staff, host’s, and visitors’ needs, all in one.
These new online courses are offered in partnership and collaboration with

Contact us to organize a tailor made course that will work for you, and lead to the long term sustainability of your tourism product.
You are also welcome to contact us free of charge, if you have a few simple specific questions that you would like answered.
If the industry moves with both the coronavirus and climate changing times, we will successfully navigate through these challenging times. For more information contact us via this website, or visit the 3 Rivers eco lodge founder’s website on .

Looking forward to a new climate and community conscious post Coronavirus world.

Mr. Jem Winston
Founder and Managing Director,
3 Rivers Eco Lodge, Dominica