New Zealand Eco Lodges-Tours

Australia and Oceania – Ecotourism in New Zealand

Around twenty percent of New Zealand is covered with national parks, forest areas and reserves.

The isolation of New Zealand has created many species of endemic birds. It is a bird lover’s paradise and the only place you can see many of these birds. The national symbol of New Zealand is the Kiwi, a flightless bird. They are now endangered and hard to find in the wild as they are nocturnal. Thankfully they can be seen at wildlife houses in the parks and zoos.

New Zealand has over 900 miles of coastline. The coastline varies from long sandy beaches to ruggedly wild. Whale and dolphin watching are one of the focuses of eco-tourism in New Zealand. This is the only place you can view the worlds rarest dolphin, the Hector’s dolphin. It is small for a dolphin, about 4 1/2 feet or 1.4 meters.

New Zealand’s caves have become a popular tour because of the New Zealand glowworm. It is the larva of the fungus gnat and can be seen in dark caves like a series of strings hanging down with small balls that is illuminated. To read more: New Zealand Nature and Eco Tourism

At present we have no New Zealand Eco Lodges-Tours but we are actively looking so do check back.