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Tubagua Eco Lodge

You will find Dominican Republic ecotourism and lodging on this site. Visitors can help sustainability in this country by staying at our lodges and using eco tours.

About twenty five percent of the this country’s land and coastline is protected. The country has many national parks, reserves and sanctuaries. Tourists can explore the 19 national parks, many forest reserves, natural monuments and wildlife refuges. Nature surrounds you in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic created the Marine Mammal Sanctuary for Humpback Whales in 1962. Up to 5,000 whales migrate to the northern coast for the warm waters. Furthermore, January through March is the best time to visit to see whales.

The 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua are a must see when visiting. Visitors can see a series of waterfalls that can be as high as forty three feet.  Each of the falls includes a rock pool.

Below is an image from one of our Dominican Republic Eco Lodges, Tubagua Plantation Eco Lodge, to give you a preview of what it’s like there. Click on the image to go that Eco Lodge.

Dominican Republic Ecotourism and Lodging