The Gambia Eco Lodges-Tours

Africa – The Gambia Ecotourism

In 1979 Africa’s longest running chimpanzee rehabilitation center was formed in The Gambia. Wild chimps disappeared from the Gambia but now there are four different social groups of wild chimps on Baboon Islands, where the project is based.

The Gambia has six national parks and reserves. They have been set aside as protected for natural habitats and native fauna. Included are Abuku Nature Reserve, Baobolong Wetland Reserve, Niumi National Park and the Tanji River Bird Reserve. These four parks are open to visitors.

In 2012 The Gambia was awarded $50,000 for an ecotourism project in Kartong. To read more about Gambia go here: The Gambia News

The Gambia Eco Lodges-Tours can be seen here: Green Holidays in the Gambia