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Caribbean – Ecotourism in Saint Lucia

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Balenbouche Estate
Calabash Mountain Villa
Fond Doux Resort & Plantation

Saint Lucia is slowly starting to promote eco-tourism. There are many natural attractions including the Pitons, which are two volcanic mountain peaks, and there are waterfalls and hot springs nearby. Waterfalls are another attraction, in both Soufriere and on the Atlantic side, where you can visit Dennery Falls, which has a fifty five foot drop. There are eight waterfalls on St. Lucia. Pigeon Island National Landmark is another point of interest as it has a rich history including a former British Garrison. It is now an historical and nature park. Also, Maria Islands serve as a nesting ground for migratory birds from Africa.

In the spring on the northeast coast, leatherback turtles lay eggs and spawn the next generation. The Jacquot parrot was near extinction but because of programs in St. Lucia is now making a comeback. The government of St. Lucia made this parrot the national bird so that it is an act of treason to harm one and brings a big fine and jail time. The Soufriere Marine Management Association, an NGO is now dedicated to preserving the coral reefs.

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Saint Lucia Eco Lodges

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