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Africa – Kenya Ecotourism

It’s always a good sign when a country has an Eco-tourism Kenya website devoted to that country. These people also offer a certification program.

Kenya is knows as an eco destination in part due to it’s fauna and being able to see the Big Five which include the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard. Kenya has around fifty four national parks and reserves. Kenya has seven different habitats including savannas, beaches, forests, snow-capped mountains, deserts, coral reefs and river deltas.

The east coast of Kenya, on the Indian Ocean, has many whale sharks, the biggest known species of fish. From February to March scientists tag these big fish and tourists have the opportunity to dive and snorkel with the scientists.

Some legislation that has really helped eco-tourism take hold is the “Environmental Management and Coordination Act” which is having a great impact on the environment. There are also regulations as to how hazardous waste can be disposed of by maritime operators. This is leading to an improved and healthier water environment.

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