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Asia – Ecotourism in India

India is home to many national parks and bird and animal sanctuaries. The most well known are Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve in the northern part of India. Here you may get to see tigers, leopards, crocodiles, elephants, wild boar and deer. They have an NGO that helps keep tigers and other large predators safe by awarding financial reimbursement to livestock managers when it is proven that a large predator killed the livestock. This ensures a more peaceful coexistence between the tigers and the local villagers. To read more please go here: Corbett Foundation.

The Ministry of Tourism in India is committed to promoting tourism in a responsible and sustainable manner. They have awards yearly for “Best Eco friendly Hotel”, “Best Responsible Tourism Project”, and “Best Eco friendly Practices by Tour Operators”. This shows how seriously they are promoting ecotourism including India Eco Lodges and India Eco Tours, which we also promote.

Home Stays are big in India and are in keeping with Eco-tourism in terms of less impact on the environment. Though ecotourism is in its infancy it is very easy to find India Eco Lodges and Home Stays.

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