Jem Winston, a friend and colleague from Ecohelpline, has started offering individualized classes to hotels for Eco and Community tourism in a post Coronavirus world. The link leads to the blog that was posted about it. Jem runs 2 successful Eco Lodges and has won many awards for his lodge 3 Rivers Dominica. In conclusion, you can read more and reach him at Jem Winston Consulting.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to partner with 2 people to create online Eco-tourism Courses.  We named our site, but at this time the link doesn’t work. We created some free courses based on our Online Eco Rating.  For more information about Ecohelpline please read our blog here: Eco Helpline.

This basic eco-tourism course covers the 5 accepted areas of ecotourism:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Nature Conservation
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Community Development

This free online eco-tourism course is unavailable right now.

Furthermore, in this world with dwindling resources, conservation of resources is becoming more and more important. It’s up to every one of us to do our bit. Help inform yourself by taking our free online eco-tourism courses.

If you are a business with an online presence, you can display The Green Leaf Basic Certification on your website. You will receive this certificate if your score is above 60% in all the modules.

Finally, don’t forget the Online Eco Rating offered on this site. An inexpensive way for lodging to prove they’re really sustainable. On completing, a logo with your score will be emailed to you.

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