Eco Tropical Resorts was developed in 2002 by Lise Tyrrell. She was in Mexico at the time. It happened like this: While traveling she experienced extremes in accommodations and the environment. Experiences varied from a touristy Cancun, Mexico to a small eco lodge, in Costa Rica in the middle of nowhere. Costa Rica’s lodge was so much more fulfilling. Closer encounters with nature and less intrusive on the environment. From an idea into a reality. Dedicated to helping preserve nature and the environment. So that future generations can enjoy it.

There are expensive ways for lodges to get verified as an Eco Lodge with on site visits. An affordable online eco rating was needed. There is a lot of “green washing”, promoting as an eco lodge when in actuality it isn’t. Any hotel in nature can claim that they are promoting “Ecotourism”. The truth is that Ecotourism has at least 5 parts. The use of alternative energy, which is renewable. Recycling to preserve. Water conservation because a lot of the world doesn’t have enough. The community needs to be involved, otherwise it’s isolated. Conservation of flora and fauna so that they will survive. These are the 5 areas we look at in our Online Eco Rating for hotels.

Logically the smaller a hotel is, the better it is on the environment. On site eco ratings are expensive. Small eco lodges do not have the funds for this.  Lise, with the help of her friends, developed an online Eco Rating Exam. With the Rating, lodges can show visitors how sustainable they are and show transparency. And Eco Hotels don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the Rating!! To get an explanation of the online Eco Rating: Online Eco Rating explained. Eco Tropical Resorts is about a strong commitment to conservation, sustainability and ecotourism.

Eco Tropical Resorts

Was originally started with the Tropics. The directory is slowly expanding to include the rest of the planet. Come back as we add more countries.

Some other websites that my family and friends are working on: My brother’s website is Social Equity Group. It is a way to be socially responsible while investing.

We support other sustainable causes including Wild Futures. They support primate conservation on an international level. Please help us support these causes that make life better! All Non Profits and NGO’s are always listed free.

Lise lives in Catalina (Tucson), AZ in the US and can be reached at 916-838-1525.