Endangered species in my yard-Desert Tortoise

Lise Tyrrell developed Eco Tropical Resorts in 2002 while living in Mexico with her young son. Growing up in different countries and being born in West Africa,  Lise considers herself a citizen of the world. One world, one people, that’s my motto.

I had many different experiences during my travels as an adult. From touristy Cancun, Mexico to a Costa Rica Eco-lodge in the middle of nowhere. Because of these experiences, both as a child and as adult, I wanted to do something about preserving our fragile environment. These experiences led to the creation of Eco Tropical Resorts. Helping to preserve nature and the environment for future generations is the main goal of this website.

A hotel or lodging establishment needs a measuring tool to rate how they interact with the environment. This led to the creation of our online Eco Rating Exam. It was created by myself and other like minded people. With the online Eco Rating, hotel owners can show visitors their actions. This inexpensive alternative means more hotel owners can prove their best practices.

Our readers can now take a stand on preserving the earth’s resources when they travel.

When developing the Eco Rating, I, as well as friends and associates, came up with 5 areas to look at. They include using alternative energy, which is renewable. Recycling, to preserve resources and not create waste. Water conservation, a lot of the world doesn’t have enough. Community involvement, sustainability includes the local people. Lastly, conservation of flora and fauna to balance the ecology of the area and preserve it.

Of late there have been increasing news articles about harmful things being done in the name of ecotourism. We have been posting about the Maasai in Tanzania on Eco Tropical Resort’s Facebook page. They are being ousted from their sustainable subsistence grazing lands in the name of Ecotourism. With things like this happening, we are leaning towards just calling what is promoted Sustainable and veering away from the term ecotourism.

Lise, of Eco Tropical Resorts, and her dog setting out for a walk

Eco Tropical Resorts

Was originally started with hotels in the Tropics. The directory is slowly expanding to include the rest of the planet, as well as tour companies. We hope our readers will come back as we add more countries and expand.

We support other sustainable causes including Wild Futures. They support primate conservation on an international level. Please help us support these causes that make life better! All Non Profits and NGO’s are always listed free.

Lise lives in Catalina (Tucson), AZ in the US and can be reached at 916-838-1525.