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Africa – Ecotourism in Mozambique

In the province of Delgado Cabo Delgado, Biodiversity and Tourism Project is funding conservation and community projects by offering safaris and coastal activities. Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest natural reserves in the world.

Manda Wilderness Project is working to develop Lake Niassa wilderness area with the local population. Their focus is responsible tourism, conservation and community development by promoting eco-tourism. The Manda Wilderness Community Trust (MWCT) works with local villagers in partnership to develop schools, health clinics and small businesses as a means of benefiting the community. To read more about their work go here: Manda Wilderness Community Trust

The Manda Wilderness Community Conservation Area (MWCCA), which is community owned. The civil was was hard on this area but the wildlife is recovering and you can see buffalo, zebra, elephant, lion, sable and wild dogs, and if you’re lucky leopards.

Below is an image from one of our eco lodges in Mozambique:

Mozambique Eco Lodges- Nuarro

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