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Central America – Ecotourism in Honduras

Many of our lodges are located in the Bay Islands. Many people consider the Bay Islands as being in the Caribbean, but it is actually in Honduras. Roatan is the most famous of the Bay islands and you’ll find many of our Honduras Eco Lodges are located there.

The government of Honduras is committed to promoting eco-toursim. They are planning to protect and make the largest National Park system in Central America. Barbareta Marine National Park is the whole island of Barbareta, located in the Bay Islands. It features a parrot preserve and offers 8 miles of jungle hiking, including white sandy beaches and coconut groves. To see all the parks in Honduras look up National parks of Honduras. Here is one image of a part of the park.

Honduras Eco Lodges and Ecotourism

La Mosquitia in Honduras contains the largest virgin rainforest in the Northern hemisphere. It is in a remote area and not accessible by road, only by water. Here you can see cougars, tapirs, monkeys and even jaguars in their native habitat.

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