Caribbean Ecotourism for the Island Life

For those of us living in the US, it’s an easy plane flight. Caribbean Ecotourism for the Island Life is easily available, though some Islands are a step above in tems of ecotourism. Dominica is promoting itself as an eco-tourist destination but some of the other smaller islands are still lagging in terms of preservation.

Our eco hotels and tours in the Caribbean

Pictured below is Marigot Bay in St. Lucia. Reason enough to want to visit!

Caribbean Ecotourism for the Island Life

As tourists, it’s our job to show a need for preservation. When we visit one of these countries in the Caribbean, we should ask for Caribbean Ecotourism for the Island life when we seek hotels. In this way, we can help small Islands realize that small steps do make a difference!

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If you know of anything happening in one of these Caribbean countries about ecotourism, please contact me. My research was done on the internet and first hand experience is always better!