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The Commonwealth of Dominica is known as The Nature Isle because of it’s diverse nature. This includes tropical scenery, stunning beaches, forests, mountains, waterfalls and lakes. As well as hot and cold springs, and a wide variety of stunning flora and fauna. Including several unique species to Dominica, and 2 indigenous parrots. With a typically tropical climate that includes abundant sunshine, as well as rainfall. Dominica is the ideal ecotourism and adventure destination in the Caribbean.

The people are warm and friendly, and furthermore, their cuisine is as diverse as their origins.

The Commonwealth of Dominica was the first country in the world to be officially bench marked by Green Globe as an ecotourism destination under their community standards.

There are currently three national parks and two forest reserves. Also there are plans to increase the parks and reserves. The goal is to undertake a comprehensive biodiversity study. The study would involve organizing and expanding local flora and fauna. As well as strengthening the research efforts and reviewing existing legislation.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica’s first national park, was established in 1975. When the park was opened, its primary function was to protect the island flora and fauna. The park now covers more than 17,000 acres of land. Furthermore, Dominica has recently been declared a World Heritage Site of outstanding universal value.

Ecotourism became a major part of the Dominica economy with the collapse of the banana industry in the late 1990’s.
Community and nature tourism is the main form of tourism in Dominica, ensuring that at least some of the new tourist dollars are spread amongst those who really need it.

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