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Africa – Ecotourism in Tanzania

Tanzania is known for some of its incredible natural wonders including the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Tanganyika and the sands of Zanzibar. Eco tourists have mainly been in northern Tanzania, where most of these eco spots are. If you want to see how Tanzania has been for generations, go down the southern Tanzania coastline where you’ll get a first hand experience of the Swahili culture. If you go to Ruaha National Park and Katavi National Park you will see villagers as they have lived for centuries.

Tanzania is where Jane Goodall did her groundbreaking work with chimpanzees. She continues to push ecotourism and sustainability, please read about what she’s doing here: Jane Goodall Institute. She is working on many different projects including one to to bring ecotourism to Gombe National Park.

Below is an image from Mambo View Point, one of our responsible eco lodges that really helps the local community.

Tanzania Eco Lodges

There are some companies that say they promote ecotourism but are actually “green washing” and having a negative impact on the Maasai peoples in the north. We will never list any of those companies on this site but please do your research before you book Tanzania Eco Lodges or Eco Tours. One such company is Thomson Safaris. There is an ongoing court case involving this tour company and wrongs they have done the Maasai people in northern Tanzania.

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