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Tingalayas Retreat and Mel’s Botanical Retreat.

Jamaica has long stretches of white sandy beaches and nice reefs for snorkeling or scuba diving. The country also has an African influence worth experiencing.  Sustainability is moving to the forefront because so many tourists visit and can be hard on the ecosystems. This is what we like to see and encourage. When you visit, please do your part to promote sustainability by the choices you make in lodging.

One of the motto’s in Jamaica is “Out of many, one people”. This stems from the varied backgrounds of the people that settled there. African slaves were brought in to work the plantations. The slaves were emancipated in 1838. After that, Chinese and Indian peoples were brought in as indentured servants to serve the plantations. Nowadays there is a mixture of African, European, Chinese, Indian, Hakka and mixed-race minorities.

One of Jamaica’s best known attractions is Dunn’s River Falls. The falls are 600 feet tall. Rock ledges provide a series of stairs so that it’s easier to access the top.

Below is an image from one of our Jamaica Eco Lodges, Tingalayas Retreat. You’ll see the kinds of plants, including Crotons and others that most of us know as house plants. Worth a visit just for that!

Jamaica Eco Lodges and Hotels
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