Australia and Oceania Eco-Tourism for Hotels and Lodges

Australia and Oceania Eco-Tourism for hotels and lodges consists of Australia, New Zealand and widely scattered islands across the Pacific Ocean. Each island has it’s own flavor and it is difficult to lump them all together. Below is a formation called Twelve Apostles on the coast of Australia.
Australia and Oceania Eco-Tourism for Hotels and Lodges

To find out about Australia and Oceania Eco-Tourism click on one of the countries below.

Australia Ecotourism
Fiji Ecotourism
Micronesia Ecotourism
New Zealand Ecotourism
Papua New Guinea Ecotourism

If you are a scuba diver, then this continent might be right up your alley. Some world class diving sites are in Australia and Oceania. I personally dove in Palau (Belau) and Truk (Chuuk) as well as Guam, where I lived. In Truk you’ll dive with WW1 and WW2 wrecks. Just awesome to see the reefs built on ships and the huge fish swimming by. In Palau it was amazing to see underwater wildlife beyond compare. You may also want to buy a Storyboard from the prisoners on Palau.

All of the research about eco-tourism was done online. If you have any knowledge of Australia and Oceania Eco-Tourism please contact me so that I can add it.

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