Ecolodge in Tanzania for sale

Tembo Kijani Ecolodge for sale
Tembo Kijani Ecolodge
Tembo Kijani-Tanzania for sale


This ecolodge is the perfect spot to combine beach and safari in Tanzania. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches as well as being just a few kilometers from Saadani National Park. With its long secluded beach front of 120m, the ecolodge offers a romantic retreat for couples, but also good place as a getaway for families and friends. The kitchen is renowned as one of the best in the country.
All guest units (three bungalows on the beach, four bandas in the trees) are separated from each other by thick coastal vegetation, which is also the habitat for wildlife on the plot, such as monkeys, mongoose, lizards, dik-diks etc. The lodge was built on the concept not to disturb nature – renewable energy, eco materials, no destruction of wildlife habitat, which makes it easy to run and maintain.

The Ecolodge is located at an untouched stretch of beach of the Tanzania mainland, only 12km to Saadani National Park, 35km south of Pangani.

Well thought through design of water and electricity system off the main grid (no power outages) with solar of 3.2kWp, wind of 4kWp, battery pool, controllers and inverter. The guest units are all stand-alone systems with solar electricity and high-quality solar water heating systems.
Seven room storage area of 100sqm, 65sqm manager house, 12 camera cctv system, four sweet water wells, two water towers, rain water collection system in place. Two 4×4 vehicles (one pick up and one safari car with pop-up roof), two boats incl. engines.
Kitchen is well equipped running on gas. Fridges and freezers are in place.

Sustainability Vision
From scratch the entire lodge was designed to be eco:
• Renewable energy sources (solar and wind)
• Recycling water systems
• Rain water collection
• Stand alone systems for the guest units for hot water and electricity
• Afforestation of indigenous vegetation
• Almost no use of concrete, but rather local natural materials
• Employment/training of local staff only

Tembo Kijani rooms
Tembo Kijani bathroom

E-mail: (Sarah)

Telephone: +255 687027454

For Sale by: Owner

Construction Year: 2012

Area: 6.5 acres.

Bungalows: 7 guest rooms, sleeping two each with bathroom.

Storage area: 100sqm with 7 rooms
Managers house: ca. 65sqm
Restaurant/bar: 150sqm at the beach
Kitchen: 30sqm

Selling Price: US$ 580,000

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