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To see our Sustainable Lodging in the British Virgin Islands please go here: Hotels and Tours in the British Virgin Islands. Also, to go directly to a listing, click below.
White Bay Villas & Cottages

There’s not a lot of information about British Virgin Islands ecotourism. If anyone has any information please share it with me as the purpose of this page is to educate people  about some of the initiatives and projects going on in different countries regarding ecotourism.

A good place to start your research is with the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board. They may have the latest information about Eco Hotels, Lodges, and Tours. I’m sure as we head into the future, there will be more of them but as of October 2016 there’s not much online.

Below is the beach of one of our British Virgin Islands Eco Hotels.

British Virgin Islands Eco Lodges
Beach in the British Virgin Islands
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