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Kingfisher Ecolodge

Laos seems to be serious about ecotourism and conservation. They have a system of 20 protected areas called the National Protected Areas. The Protected Areas cover fourteen percent of the country.

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s Vision for Ecotourism is “Laos will become a world renowned destination specializing in forms of sustainable tourism that, through partnership and cooperation, benefits natural and cultural heritage conservation and local socio-economic development, and spreads knowledge of Laos’ unique cultural heritage around the world.” The Lao government as well as international stakeholders are helping to make this vision a reality. The Lao National Tourism Administration has a website where they are promoting ecotourism.

A large biodiversity and cultural heritage make Laos a unique place to visit. There is also a low population density, which insures that you will experience more nature. Below is a picture from one of our lodges, Kingfisher Ecolodge

Laos Eco Lodges-Kinfisher

There is an abundance of wildlife including Tigers, Clouded Leopards, Douc Languar, Gibbons, the Irrawaddy Dolphin, Hornbills, Peafowls, Ibis, Crested Argus’ as well as Silver Pheasants, just to name a few. It is home to at least one hundred large mammals.

To learn more about Laos see Wikipedia.

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