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Listings are available to all eco resorts, hotels, lodges, home stays, and tour companies. We believe that our business model needs to be sustainable. Your listing is free until we have concrete evidence (statistics) that show your listing is getting enough traffic from us to support your dues. We will contact you when that happens. In this way your payment to Eco Tropical Resorts is sustainable. Click on the following link to read about our Sustainable Business model.

To add your Eco Lodge or Tour listings to our site, fill in the form below. You’ll notice that you have to choose an option. Please choose Free Trial or Non-Profit (if you are an NGO). Once we receive your information, we will review it to make sure it meets our guidelines as Eco Lodging or Eco Tour. If it does, it will be posted and you will be able to edit your listing. If not, we will email you for more information.