Travel Resources for the Eco Tourist:

When you travel in foreign countries, it’s always a good idea to line up your travel resources ahead of time. The more research you do, the more relaxed you will be while on vacation.

The World Fact Book
This online resource put out by the CIA is an invaluable tool to the traveler. Do some research about the country you are going to visit.

CDC Travelers’ Health
Centers for Disease Control and prevention. Health information on specific destinations, what to know before you go. They also list outbreaks of diseases worldwide and which vaccinations you should get for the area you’re going to.

Travel Diseases Vaccination Guide
Heading abroad can be the most rewarding, scary, exhilarating, and life changing moment in every young adult’s life.

Travel Document Systems
An online source for international travel documents including visas, passports, cell phone rentals, and travel insurance.

Find out what language people speak in the country you are going to. Ethnologue has an online version of their languages of the world.

We hope you have found these Traveler Resources helpful.  If you have a resource that would appeal to travelers. Just click on our Contact Us form in the menu.

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