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Monkey Valley Resort

Habitat loss was a problem in the Cape Floral Kingdom. To combat this problem, the wine industry developed a conservation partnership. Included in the partnership was the Botanical Society of South Africa, Conservation International and the Green Trust. The partnership is called the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative. The Initiatives aim is to halt and preserve the habitat and minimize loss, as well as contribute to sustainable wine production through better land management practices on farms. A win/win situation. They created the Green Mountain Eco-Route, the world’s first biodiversity wine route. It incorporates the area around the Groenland mountain, including Bot River, Elgin, Grabouw, Houw Hoek and Villiersdorp.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is a governmental organization that is in charge of maintaining natural wilderness preserves and nature reserves in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. They are the leader in sustainable biodiversity conservation. To learn more about them go here: Ezemvelo Wildlife

Below is an image from one of our Eco Lodges in South Africa. You can see the wonderful white sand beaches.

South Africa Eco Lodges

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