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Africa – Zambia Eco Lodges-Tours

Zambia was formerly known as Northern Rhodesia

According to Zambia Tourism Zambia is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, abundant wildlife, and walking tours. It is home to seventeen waterfalls that will often give you a glimpse of life in the small rural villages.

About thirty percent of Zambia’s land is reserved as national parks, game reserve areas, and conservation projects.

I have a soft spot for primates and was interested to note that Zambia has quite a few though no gorillas. The ones you can see in Zambia are the night ape, similar to a bush baby but smaller. Three types of monkeys: vervet monkey, blue monkey and Maloney’s monkey. The bush baby is an elusive primate that lives in the trees at night when their eyes are illuminated. They got this name because of their high wailing cry. There are two types of baboons, the chacma baboon and the yellow baboon.

At present we have no Zambia Eco Lodges-Tours but we are actively looking so please check back.

Zambia Eco Lodges-Tours
Zambia Flag

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