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Africa – Seychelles Ecotourism

The Ecotourism Society of Seychelles, a non profit, is busy showing the Seychelles how eco-tourism can benefit this small African country. We support their work in preserving this island country located in the Indian Ocean.

The economy in the Seychelles consists mainly of tourism and fishing. Both of these industries depend on an intact ecosystems. This is great as it bodes well for ecotourism, which is also based on intact ecosystems. The government is actively promoting eco-tourism. They are committed to protect the marine ecosystems and mangrove forests along sections of the islands’ shores. And where degraded they are working to rebuild. Cousin Island is known for seabird breeding colonies, the endemic terrestrial birds, a restored coastal forest, and nesting hawksbill turtles. It has won numerous awards for its ecotourism policies for preservation and rebuilding, where needed.

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) have inadvertently been protected off the coast of the Seychelles. They are forming one of the basics of ecotourism as many visitors want to see biggest fish in the world and because of this, their protection off the shores are insured.

We have no Seychelles Eco Lodges-Tours but are actively looking so please check back soon.

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