Anguila Eco Lodges-Tours

Caribbean – Ecotourism in Anguilla

At Anguilla Eco Lodges-Tours you will find the white sandy beaches that have made the Caribbean such a popular destination. Anguilla is located in the northern Caribbean. Finding an eco hotel in Anguilla may be a little more difficult.

Anguila Eco Lodges-Tours

There are 5 species of bats that are endemic, only found in the caves and sinkholes of Anguilla. Wildlife is not as abundant here as on other Caribbean islands, in part because of the low rainfall and poor soils, which also effects the vegetation. There are seven types of reef off the shores. Some turtle species nest on the beaches of the off-shore cays.

I couldn’t find much information about eco-tourism on Anguilla and if anyone has more information, please email it to me as I’m very interested.

At present we have no Anguilla Eco Lodges-Tours listed but we area actively looking so please check back.