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Barbados relies heavily on tourism and as such has laws in place to conserve the marine environment. They are in the infancy of promoting eco-tourism in Barbados and are working on recovering local fauna and wildlife. At this point environmental goals are a necessity to keep attracting tourists and hopefully in the future will continue to be of prime importance. As a small island they have laws in effect to handle garbage that are in the right direction. They do promote recycle, reduce, reuse as many small islands do. With the new planning they will also be adding recovery into the mix. Here you can see the amazing white sandy beaches in Barbados.

Flag of Barbados Eco Lodges
Barbados Flag

Many flights stop over in Barbados on their way to other islands but they also get a large share of tourists. It is hopeful that they will take the example of Dominica, which strives towards sustainability and is also seeing a rice in eco-tourism. Barbados Eco Lodges are a definite step in the right direction. By supporting these eco lodges and tours, you are helping to show the government how important sustainability and conservation are.

To see our Eco Lodges please go here: Eco Lodges in Barbados.

To learn more about Barbados see Wikipedia.

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