Are Eco-Resorts safe? An update on the pandemic

People are asking are eco-resorts safe? The Pandemics Impact on some of our EcoLodges has varied. Tourists are planning travel again, and I thought people might be interested in how the Lodges are doing. Some of the lodges are closed, though hopefully they will re-open once tourism gets going again. But some of the EcoLodges have been forced to shut their doors for good.

Below are a few of the Lodges that have updated us about “are eco-resorts safe?”. As I hear from more of them, I will add their responses.

North America – Mexico

Playa Viva is located in Juluchuca, Mexico

Playa Viva is located 45 minutes south of the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa international airport. Here’s what they had to say:

“At Playa Viva we have been very lucky. We were closed April 1 – July 1, 2020. We opened July 1 with COVID protocols and soon had a steady stream of guests looking for a safer vacation option that allowed them to enjoy being outdoors (only one space at Playa Viva has A/C and is indoors, our boutique) as guests were seeking the luxury of being outdoors and emerged in nature. Playa Viva has a great video on YouTube that explains their vision. The video is about 4 1/2 minutes long with stunning scenery and tree houses.

Playa Viva
Playa Viva in Mexico

We took this slight lull in travel to expand Playa Viva adding 6 new amazing treehouses. These have been very popular and Playa Viva counties to offer a safer and regenerative travel experience.”
To see their listing: Eco Tropical Resorts Playa Viva or to go directly to their website: Playa Viva.

Hotel Akumal Caribe in Akumal, Mexico.

The hotel is an hours drive south of the Cancun International Airport. The report below is taken from an email with the owner, Laura Bush Wolfe.

Hotel Akumal was forced to shut down in April 2020 because of Covid-19. With new protocols established by the Mexican government, the hotel was able to partially open in June 2020.

Furthermore “It’s now been 2 years that we are operating on a light system depending on Covid cases in the area. We are now at green, meaning fully open, but use of masks in enclosed areas still enforced and our staff always wears theirs. We sanitize each room on check out, we provide the amenities that the government requires, and we still follow temperature checks on entry.”

Hotel Akumal Caribe in Mexico
Hotel Akumal Caribe in Mexico

“During these 2 years we took on a challenge that the Government invited us to participate in. The first Green Certification given by the State Government to hotels who qualify! We were asked to be one of the first hotels due to the work we had already started in recycling, composting and energy saving. It has been a very hard task for everyone; we have an outside consultant that has been our mentor and supervisor throughout this time, and we should be getting our certification very soon! The work does not stop, and we will continue to do all that we can to maintain this certification.”

Things are almost back to pre-pandemic times at the Hotel. To see their listing on our site: Hotel Akumal Caribe on Eco Tropical Resorts. To go directly to their website: Hotel Akumal Caribe.

North America – USA

Maui Eco Retreat is located in Hawaii. Quotes from Kutira, one of the owners:

“We used the time to upgrade our place. We have offer 3 rooms and 2 cottage. Each room with its own bathroom embedded in a very luxurious house. We added a spacious solarium where our guest can sit and dine.

Our motto is ‘space is luxury – luxury is space’  and of course ‘where your vacation becomes a transformation. 

We have been blessed by many visitors since Covid. Our place is surrounded by nature pure, organic practices, waterfalls, hiking trails. Perfect to heal body and mind.  We offer Yoga classes and other teachings and we preform micro weddings.

Relax at Maui Eco Retreat
Maui Eco Retreat

Right now we are focusing creating more food forests – We are teaching young and old how to live regenerative.

Personally, we are now at the age in our life where we want to enjoy our land and have more creative time.

We are the care taker of the land since we bought it in 1988. Now we get to enjoy the beauty and share our magnificent paradise for those few who find the Shangrila… the lost paradise and like to be inspired to live in harmony with nature.”

To see their listing: Maui Eco Retreat on Eco Tropical Resorts. To go directly to their lodging: Maui Eco Retreat.

Europe – United Kingdom

Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse is located in Snowdonia, North Wales.

John Whitehead, the owner, had this to say:

“Here at Bryn Elltyd, a carbon neutral guesthouse, the dreaded covid has forced us, like many to look again at life choices.  We have converted our end of 6 bed guesthouse to a flat and the business has become a very green holiday let.  The Good to Go   government covid safety  certificate help a little but  bookings are slow. It has given us time to do hospital covid volunteering, slow down  and enjoy our stunning Snowdonia landscapes.    As a engineer it also has given time to increase Electric car capacity. We  have had points since 2013, 100% successful charges all on green electric.  Free time also  allows work on   refining the insulation. Always a challenge 700ft up mountain in 1883 slate mine managers house.  

Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse
Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse

We have done better than most and are fortunate to have endured lockdown in a stunning area with open access to mountains.  Looking forward to greeting guests and  if asked, sharing  our sustainable story of how  a two person business can / has used only renewable energy since 2013.”
To see their listing: Eco Tropical Resorts Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse, or go directly to their website: Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse.

Africa – Tanzania

Mambo ViewPoint Eco Lodge in Tanzania.

Dagmara had this to share:

“We are open and operating, we actually never stopped, we did a tremendous effort to keep our doors open, not without many sacrifices, including from our amazing staff!

We have never had any Covid cases reported in the area, as you might know we are very remotely located.

Mambo ViewPoint Eco Lodge
Mambo ViewPoint Eco Lodge

Our restaurant and all rooms are daily cleaned, using antibacterial products, we can serve private meals on request in the cottages if people don’t want to share a meal with others. But it has never been requested by anyone till now ?”.

To see their listing: Mambo ViewPoint Eco Lodge on Eco Tropical Resorts. Or go directly to their website: Mambo ViewPoint Eco Lodge.