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Asia – Ecotourism in Malaysia

Malaysia has many areas that are of interest to eco-tourists. One of those is Mulu Caves National Park in Sarawak. It has one of the longest networks of caves in the world according to the Unesco World Heritage Site. It also has one of the largest underground chamber in the world, called the Sarawak Chamber. In the evenings you can see millions of bats leaving the caves.

Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang is host to a meromictic lake, which is one that consists of salt and fresh water that don’t mix. This ends up creating unique layers that host unique bio systems.

Royal Belum State Park in Perak is one of the oldest rain forests, older than the Amazon and the Congo. It has been almost untouched by civilization and many areas have not been explored, so a hidden world exists there. It is home to ten hornbill species, the Rafflesia which is the largest flower in the world. It also hosts fourteen of the world’s most threatened mammals, including the Malayan Tiger and the Sumatran Rhinoceros. You need to apply for a permit in order to enter this state park so make sure you plan ahead.

USA Today has a nice write up about Ecotourism in Malaysia for further reading.

At present we have no Malaysia Eco Lodges-Tours but are actively looking for them so check back.

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