Online Eco Rating Scores of some hotels on Eco Tropical Resorts

Our Eco Rating has changed through the years. As such it is updated as needed. Below we list the scores that some hotels achieved on their Online Eco Ratings. The scores are from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Furthermore, we don’t list any lodging that scores below 2.

A few Lodges have scored a perfect score of 5. And this is a very high achievement! You can see them here: Perfect Eco Rating Scores. The hotels have put a lot of work into sustainability in order to score so high!


Footsteps Eco Lodge in The Gambia scored 5


Bali Eco Stay in Bali, Indonesia scored 5
Bali Eco Village in Bali, Indonesia scored 4.8
Gecko Villa in Thailand scored 3.6
Sarinbuana Eco Lodge in Bali, Indonesia scored 4.6
Faasai Resort and Spa in Thailand scored 4.8
Sten Lodge Eco Homestay in Thailand scored 4.5
Sumber Sari Eco Villas in Bali, Indonesia scored 4.5

Australia and Oceania

Kosrae Village Resort & Dive in Micronesia scored 3.6
Nakia Resort Fiji scored 5


Rosalie Forest Ecolodge in Dominica scored 5
The Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant in Dominica scored 3.6

Central America

Casa del Caballo Blanco in Belize scored 4.6
Cascada Farallas Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica scored 3.8
The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize scored 4.6
El Jardin in Mexico scored 3.6
Hotel Akumal Caribe in Mexico scored 4.6
Hotel Finca del Sol in Nicaragua scored 4.0
The Harmony Hotel in Costa Rica scored 4.4
Hotel Grano del Oro in Costa Rica scored 3.2
Kura Design Villas in Costa Rica scored 3.8
Lapa Rios Ecolodge in Costa Rica scored 4.6
Majahuitas Resort in Mexico scored 4.2
Saladero Eco Lodge in Costa Rica scored 4.2


None at this time

North America

Hawaii Island Retreat scored 4.2
Maui Beach Bed & Breakfast scored 3.6

South America

None at this time