Hotel Mocking Bird Hill in Jamaica Launches Carbon Offsetting Programme

As part of its ongoing commitment to operating an environmentally friendly business, Hotel Mocking Bird Hill is working towards becoming a climate neutral eco-boutique hotel not only by enabling its guests to offset the carbon emissions produced by their flights to Jamaica, but also by offsetting its own carbon emissions and making continued efforts to reduce them thus reducing its environmental footprint.

Their approach is fourfold: firstly, by paying into an accredited carbon offsetting programme (STI’s My Climate) to offset their carbon emissions; secondly by improving their environmental performance they reduce their carbon emissions; thirdly by seeking their guests’ involvement and fourthly by contributing to a local programme which is trying to mitigate some of the environmental problems faced in Jamaica.

They have a link to Sustainable Tourism International’s carbon calculator on their website making it easy for guests to be responsible for carbon emissions resulting from their trip. Guests can also support a Jamaican environmental programme.

The contribution towards a Jamaican project is important. The Jamaica Conservation Development Trust is a non-governmental organisation promoting sustainable resource management, helping to increase local awareness of environmental issues, training park rangers and developing and promoting community based tourism in the John Crow and Blue Mountains. The JCDT’s programme is particularly important as they plant in areas that have been identified as high priority areas for rehabilitation using mainly native Jamaican forest trees, particularly those that are fast growing and have little value for lumber but which are excellent for biodiversity and includes the Hernandia catalpifolia – Water Mahoe, the tree that the endangered Giant Swallowtail Butterfly lays its eggs on and the only plant the caterpillars will eat.

The decision to make these contributions is not about easing conscience, but is part of the hotel’s strategy to operate in environmentally sound manner. The operators of Hotel Mocking Bird Hill are taking responsibility for the emissions generated through their business as well as those produced by their clients’ trips to Jamaica. This initiative is about investing up front to conserve for the future without sacrificing on the comforts associated with an eco-chic hotel.

STI has recently calculated the hotel’s emissions at 68.78 VERs (verified emission reductions, ton of CO2 equivalent) annually.

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