Benefits of listing an Eco Lodge on our Eco Tropical Resorts directory

Eco Tropical Resorts is a niche directory for Green Hotels and Eco Tours.  Our targeted traffic is looking for Eco Lodging and Tours.  We have developed an online Eco Rating that is as objective an evaluation as possible without personally visiting the lodge.  It is an online Eco Exam that is automatically calculated. Final score is subject to verification via written policies and procedures.

Benefits of listing an Eco Lodge or Tour include:

1. Your Eco Lodge gets credibility through our Online Eco Rating Exam.  At this time it is only for lodging but in the future we will have a rating for Tours.

2. The opportunity to submit to our Eco Blog for another link to your site on our directory.  All lodges and tours can submit blogs for free.

3. Journalists sometimes contact us for information. We only recommend those hotels and tours that we personally know about from Eco Tropical Resorts listings.

4. Guarantees you a spot in the directory.

5. You will be included as we strive to get more market share through innovative technology.

There is no fee until we are sending you enough traffic to cover the cost. You can sign-up here: free Join Eco Tropical Resorts for free.

There is no cost and won’t be any cost until the traffic we send covers the fee!

We hope you will join Eco Tropical Resorts so that we can promote ecotourism together.

The benefits of listing an eco lodge on this site will keep increasing. Our goal is to be the best and offer the most to our visitors, eco resorts and tours.

We asked a long-time member of, Gecko Villa in Thailand, to give us a brief summary of the advantages of a listing – from the standpoint of a resort owner. They had this to say:

“Well Lise, yours is in fact the only paid directory in which we list. A range of factors lies behind the decision. They  include your very personalized service, the regular site updates in both content and design, the control you give owners over their listings, the fact that the curated number of properties per country always ensures that no property will be lost in a crowd, and more. For the more technically minded, analytics show how visitors to our site from yours are positively engaged: your readers are our niche market.”

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