Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, computers, and the local schools

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, Dominica, is delighted to announce that following the success of our computer for schools programme last year, we will be repeating the process next month.This year 4 schools in the UK including the Bromsgrove School and Uppingham School, have donated nearly 300 computers, which are now sailing to Dominica for distribution amongst the primary schools on the island.The project is made possible through a collaborative partnership between Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, NS Optimum in the UK, the donor schools in the UK, Geest Line shipping, Lifeline Ministries, and The ministry of education of the governement of the commonwealth of Dominica, and our registered NGO The Sustainable Living Initiative Centre, Dominica, SLIC.The computers will be installed at each school during one day workshops held by SLIC, Rosalie Forest, and assisted by two technicians from NS optimum in the UK.

This year we are also hoping to assist a number of local NGOs to get computers into their organizations.

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