Mambo View Point in Tanzania working to help village acquire water pumps

The situation of the drinking water supply in Ward (community) Sunga is worrisome. Until recently only one pump out of 27 was working. Recently 9 pumps were replaced by the government but this is still way too few to fulfil the needs, so many people have to walk far for their water every day. Also many people are tapping water from open sources like small brooks or holes dug in the ground.
According to the international standards where 250 people can live from one water pump, there should be about 90 pumps, this is 10 times more then available at the moment.
This project includes the establishment of the necessary pumps and water filters, initially for Ward Sunga, but potentially for a wider area where the problems are very much the same.

The idea is to provide robust pumps which can last more than 30 years. To make the project sustainable, not only the provision and installation is considered but also the utilization and maintenance.

At present water is fetched from unsafe sources.

For the maintenance it is necessary to establish a company that will install and service the pumps. Every community that wants to have a pump has to appoint a manager who is responsible for the pump and will have income from selling the water and other related items like water filters and filtered water. Every family has to pay $ 10 to $ 15 per year for the maintenance. If the money is not paid the pump will be removed again.
This model is promoted by Fairwater and proved to be sustainable in various situations.

Every pump is about € 2.500 ($ 3,250) including transport. The pumps are paid by the supporters of fairwater and MamboViewPoint. In many cases these supporters are companies who like to sponsor a pump. Often they want to know where the pumps are placed and like to visit the place themselves.
MamboViewPoint eco lodge is a perfect place to meet these desires.
The installation including the concrete foundation has to be paid by the communities and will have a yearly cost for maintenance of about $ 300. One pump will be used by about 150 people (30 families). This means a contribution of $ 10 a family will be required.

The robust blue pump from Fairwater has to bring a sustainable water supply.

To place new pumps on places without boreholes (in most cases), the boreholes have to be drilled. Funding the necessary € 10.000,- ($ 13,000) for the drill still has to be done.
Together with the pumps, small water filters will be introduced to be used with one or 2 buckets. The idea is to sell those filters and to buy new ones from the profits. One filter will be some dollars. The selling points can sell filtered water and the filters.
For the first purchase of the filters funding organisations will be approached.

Financial contributions for this project are most welcome on our bank account:
Account number 390450030 (Triodosbank Netherlands)
Stichting MamboSteunpunt Burgtstraat 3, 6701 DA Wageningen
IBAN: NL45 TRIO 0390 4500 30

Contributions are tax-deductible from the Dutch tax.
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