Kosrae Village News from Micronesia

We have always known about the Japanese freighter that was sunk during World War II, the PBM that crashed on takeoff following the war and the 1800’s wooden whaling ship.

Last week we spent a day and a half with Bob Swanson, a guest from Kwajalein, exploring Lelu Harbor with his side scan sonar. We got images of the wrecks we know about and quite a few others. We only had time to check a few of them and we hit the jackpot! One turns out to be a plane wreck that does not seem to be documented.

I’ve posted (really bad) photos, sonar images and details on this page http://kosraevillage.com/wrecks.shtml.

I’ve also added a few more (better) photos to my underwater gallery.

One of our coral monitoring volunteers has had to drop out due to illness, so if you are thinking about it – we really need you!

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