Ecology in Bali

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Ecology in Bali improving. One of our Villagers, on the Reef Preservation/Conservation Project has only got a stump on one arm rather than 2 complete arms. He lost this half of one arm in dynamiting the reef to kill/catch fish in his younger days !!
Now, at least he understands that a healthy reef, brings in more fish that can be netted from the beach with a team of the villagers without damaging more coral – they are now catching as much fish as the village needs, and have set up a Reef Patrol to stop people (the Javanese, given the chance, still come across the Strait and do it, dynamiting that is) damaging our villagers livelihood and Bali’s Ecology.
Just an interesting aside, as to what education and understanding can do, with a bit of help with some Ecological thinking that benefits everybody !!

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