Gifts galore for the children at Grand Fond School in Dominica

Eco Lodges helping children

3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, is very proud to announce that as part of our partnership program with, Mrs. Angela Bailey and 50, yes 50, of her friends, self-named the “Splendidors” all disembarked The Carnival Splendor cruise ship today, bearing bags and bundles of useful items and gifts for the Grand fond school and its pupils. Pictured here with Jem Winston: The group that made these gifts possible

Mr Sheppee, from Sheppee tours, helped organize the event during one his exciting island tours, and Mrs. Leslie the school principal was there with me to greet our generous visitors. Over 200 lbs of goods makes it our pack for a purpose record. Thanks also to Carnival Cruise line for bringing them to Dominica.

3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge works in collaboration with pack for a purpose to assist the Grand Fond Primary School.
The idea is a traveler fills up any unused baggage allowance with useful school items to fill up their bags. See all the gifts here: Gifts for the children in Dominica

Mrs Leslie at Grand Fond has created an ingenious rewards program, where each donated item is given a pints value, and the pupils earn points through work and behavior and can choose their gifts according to their number of points they have accumulated.
This teaches the children how to budget and the value of goods, even gifts!!!
3 Rivers eco Lodge encourages all visitors to Dominica to follow this splendid example, and help nurture and educate the children of the Nature Isle.

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Submitted by Jem Winston