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The government of Botswana has a code of conduct in place for Botswana eco lodges-tours so that they strictly adhere to the environmental protection policy. Botswana safari operators are increasingly catering to children, realizing that they are the hope for the future of conservation. They are also including the local people more and many locals are setting up their own safari tours adhering to environmental protection.

To read more about Botswana wildlife please go here: Botswana Wildlife Conservation. Their list of animals with further information include aardvark, baboon, banded mongoose, black backed jackal, buffalo, cape fox, cheetah, crocodile, duiker, eland, elephant, fish eagle, giraffe, hartebeest, hippo, honey badger, hyena, impala, kudu, lechwe, leopard, lion, oryx, ostrich, pels fishing owl, porcupine, roan antelope, sitatunga, springbok, steenbok, suricate, tsessebe, vervet monkey, vultures, waterbuck and zebra. The website is full of interesting knowledge about the local wildlife. Below is an African Bush elephant and it’s young.
Botswana-African Bush elephant

In 2009 The Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) launched the Botswana Ecotourism Certification System. It supports and encourages responsible environmental, social and cultural behaviors of green lodges and tour businesses. It is built on the Botswana National Ecotourism principles below.

1. Minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts.

2. Maximizing the involvement in, and the equitable distribution of economic benefits to host communities.

3. Maximizing revenue for re-investment in conservation.

4. Educating both visitors and local people as to the importance of conserving natural and cultural resources.

5. Delivering a quality experience for tourists.

At present we have no Botswana Eco Lodges-Tours but we are actively looking so please check back soon.

Check out our Africa Ecotourism page to find listings in other countries.

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