Uganda’s Parks and Wildlife

Uganda’s Parks and Wildlife

Uganda is known as a land of plateaus, though in some areas there are hills which are 200 to 500 meters high. The Equator crosses Southern Uganda and the climate is equatorial. Uganda was formerly covered by the equatorial forest but is now moderated by the altitude. On the northern shores of Lake Victoria it rains almost throughout the year. The dry season  in the rest of the country occurs once or twice a year. Lake Albert flats has the highest temperatures. While  the glaciated zone of Mt Rwenzori has the lowest temperatures.

Uganda's Parks and Wildlife Baby Lion

Uganda’s Parks and Wildlife-Chimpanzee

Uganda's Parks and Wildlife chimpanzee

Traveling to Uganda’s Parks and Wildlife is an exciting and enjoyable activity. Certainly guests will never forget this experience. Wildlife is one of the most scenic and exciting sections of any park in Uganda. Kibale Forest is a valuable and favorite destination in Uganda. Because in the Forest one can see Primates and great birds. Finally, the wildlife is combined with easy access and a variety of interesting activities. Take an example of Queen Elizabeth National park for great wildlife viewing. Most wildlife viewing is in the northeastern part of the park. This park offers the best chance to view lions, elephants, waterbuck and kob.

Mainly there are 4 national parks in Uganda. The parks offer the best opportunity for wildlife game drives. The 4 parks are Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo valley and Lake Mburo. As a result, you can’t miss these parks if you are interested in wildlife.

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