Sustainable Water Workshops at El Jardin Eco Lodge in Mexico

Tropical WaterFeatures/Landscaping
Gray water Irrigation
Presented at El Jardin –Yelapa, Mexico
October 21-26, 2010
Price for workshops: $225.00 for 6 days
Lodging for workshop participants: $225.00 includes breakfast and lunch
Please call or email to register :
Yelapa phone 209 5284
US phone 831 535 3059

Water Feature/Landscaping
Workshop focuses on design, installation, and maintenance of residential water features. Learn basic water feature design with hands-on instruction. This workshop will include start to finish design and installation of stepped pools and pond. Combined water feature design with landscaping ideas for water plants and areas surrounding a feature. Water used for the fountain will be from a rainwater harvesting system.

Gray Water Landscape Irrigation
Learn the basics of utilizing the water that is so oftened misused, mishandled or allowed to runoff into waterways, further polluting our oceans and streams. We will be exploring ways of turning waste water into a valuable and ecological resource, with hands– on instruction and installation of a laundry and shower graywater irrigation system.

Nadine Nemec has worked with CMS Fountain Design in Santa Cruz for over 25 years.She ex-plores innovative aesthetic and technical solu-tions with clients, and is the lead designer and manager of water effect and lighting mock-ups. She has helped to refine solutions for such pro-jects as Chicago’s Lurie Gardens, the Seattle Civic Center, and The Pentagon Memorial. Na-dine is a true world traveler and has become an enthusiastic student of the symbolic and artistic importance of water throughout many diverse cultures.

Ann Chase has been in love with gardens since 1974 when she moved to Santa Cruz and started her one woman land-scape design and installation busi-ness. She has worked in the architectural and landscape field since that time, She has been self employed for over 25 years. Her current passion is the reintroduction of amphibian habitat to local backyards and using water features as an attraction for migratory birds.

Sherry Lee Bryan is the co-owner of a landscape and agricultural water man-agement consulting company and is a pollution prevention and zero waste senior program specialist at Ecology Action of Santa Cruz. Sherry is the regional coordinator and an instructor of the Monterey Bay Green Gardener Certification Program, a spanish-bilingual ecological landscape training program