Extending the concept of ecotourism lodging

I’ve just added Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize to Eco Tropical Resorts.  The sanctuary is located in Belize, Central America.  This is a new kind of listing as their focus is an environmental education center that offers experiential learning programs and training opportunities while serving as a model of conservation land stewardship.  They also have a Wildlife Rehab Center where they care for wildlife with the hope of returning the animals into the wild.  The Sanctuary consists of 1,070 acres of tropical forest, riverine and savanna habitats.

Their lodging facilities are an adjunct to their real purpose of land and animal stewardship.  They offer all kinds of lodging from camping, a bunkhouse, private rooms, and homestays.  The homestays are with local families which helps involve the community in what they’re doing.

I think eco-tourism includes Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks, working on ways to maintain habitat for wildlife and preserve nature for the future.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I really want to visit Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  I used to do Wildlife Rehab in Northern California and loved rasing baby squirrels and birds.  My sister is a biologist and I’m thinking this might be perfect for a little family get together.

If you want to go see what I’m talking about, here is their url: http://www.monkeybaybelize.org