Dominica International EcoFest 2009

May 1st to May 8th 2009

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge


This week long festival will be bringing people together through a mix of seminars, guest speakers, workshops, panel discussions and displays of local and foreign talents. The theme of EcoFest is ‘A celebration of the world’s progress on saving our beautiful planet?’. Through which we hope that open discussion will explore the reality of our advancements, question them and their philosophy, and examine their validity.


So come spend a week, a few days, or just one night investigating the advances we have made towards preserving the planet for generations to come, and learning from the mistakes.

          Learn about the latest renewable energy technology, and how it is being put into practice on both local and nationwide scales. Featured in a full-day workshop will be the BioGas Helpline coming from India to install a biogas plant on site.

          See how local crafts and traditions are being integrated into tourism for all to benefit. Nature artists from Dominica and abroad will be showcasing their provocative pieces.

          Hear about micro-eco-projects from around the world. The International EcoClub will outline how you can do it yourself.

          Discover new and innovative products.

          Hike to some of Dominica’s spectacular nature sites. Join the DHTA in their HikeFest to end in an evening of panel discussions at EcoFest.

          Listen to a variety of quality music. To be showcased at this event will be singers, Free Joseph, Janet ‘Angel’ Azzouz, Brizee’s pan symphony, jinn ping, reggae and calypso stars.

Experience living sustainability, and learn from green minds brought together for this unforgettable event from all around the world!


Buy your tickets in advance and receive an early-bird discount! The price for shall be EC$100/US$40 for an all-day pass and EC$$50/US$20 for a half-day pass (1 event). Also EC$500/US$200 for a VIP all-day week-long invitation and EC$500/US$200 for a VIP half-day week-long invitation (one vent per day). Prices will be more if bought at the gate. Tickets available from Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge,


We also welcome eco sponsors for the event from all fields. You or your business could be showcased throughout the festival. Contact us for more details. If you have something eco you would like to display, and want to participate actively in the event, please contact us about getting involved in our Eco Exhibition.


To learn more please refer to our website or contact us at the following:


Telephone: +1.767.446.1886