How to work with your listing on Eco Tropical Resorts


Login to edit your listing by clicking on the Login link at the top right side of the site.  This is also where you can sign up.  As long as you remember your user name you can log in.  There’s an automated system that will send you a new password if you click where it says you’ve forgotten your password.


Your dashboard

Once you’ve logged in you will be taken to your dashboard, which looks like this. Colors may be different.



You edit your site by clicking on Directory.  Then hover over your listing name on the left side and the “edit” will be visible (see below image).   For my example I’m using ecohelpline, your listing will have your hotel/tour name there.  Click on Edit (here it’s below Ecohelpline)

Edit your listing in the Directory

To work on your listing, click the Directory link in the left menu.


The directory page will look somewhat like this:

Edit your listing

This is where you make all the changes to your listing.

Description of your lodge:  Here is where you write the description of your lodge or tour. Be sure to include the lodge/tour name 2 or 3 times and make it around 300 words. You can also include an image here, just click Add Media above left.  After you change something, always click on the blue button that says “Update” in the right sidebar.  To see how your changes will look, click on “Preview Changes” in the right sidebar.

 Search Engine Optimization:  Just below your description you should see the words “WordPress SEO by Yoast” in the bar below.  Follow that bar to the right and you’ll see a little triangle.  This is how you open and close sections.  If the triangle is pointing up that means it’s open, if it’s pointing down, that means it’s closed.   Make sure it’s open.  This part is important for your ranking on this site.  In the right sidebar in the “Publish” block you can see how you’re doing by looking next to the word “SEO”.  Click on the “Page Analysis” for recommendations on how to improve your score.  

Keep scrolling down and you’ll see many check marks and other things that you need to fill in.  Your address is especially important as that’s how the map that shows gets it’s location from.  

Images:  Further down you will see where it says “Upload Images”.  You can upload up to 8 images if you are a paid member.  One of these images needs to be checked to be the top image.  We recommend it be around 800 pixels wide and around 600 wide.  A landscape shaped image looks best.  Please optimize your images before uploading so the site will run faster.  If you don’t know how, that’s okay, let me know and we’ll do it.


My Quizzes is where you can take the Eco Rating Exam.  Your dashboard will look like this.  Just click on Eco Rating to start.

Take the Online Eco Rating Exam here

When you click on My Quizzes, it will take you to the Online Eco Rating Exam. It’s included with your fee, so please take it!


Here’s how you can submit a blog for publication in Eco Tropical Resorts.  Just click on Add New.  Please email if you do submit something so we can check it and post it. Alternately you can just email your blog to

Submit a blog post

When you click on Posts you can Add New and submit a blog post.


To edit your location on the map, which is taken from your address, you have to log in and work in the front end as opposed to the dashboard. The front end looks just like the actual website but you can also edit here. That means once you’ve logged in, navigate to Eco Tropical Resort, where you can also make changes to your listing. The map is on the 3rd or 4th page and once you’re there you can enter the coordinates for your lodge/tour or just move the little triangle to the right location.

Those are the main areas you need to be familiar with.  Feel free to explore the other links in your dashboard.
Problems? Please email us for support. We’re here to help because we want your listing to look great!