Disabled Access at ecotourism lodges

I just added a new lodge in The Gambia, Africa.  It’s called Footsteps Lodge, their website is Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia.   This is the first lodge that I’ve added to my ecotourism lodge directory that has stressed disabled access.  I’m really impressed by this.  They’ve constructed their lodge on one level so that it is easily accessible, with all their doorways being wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.  Kudos to Footsteps Lodge!
Lise at https://www.eco-tropicalresorts.com/

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  1. 3rivers says:

    That’s cool. In some places it is extremely difficult to cater to people with physical disabilities. With mountains and rivers, steep roads and rocky footpaths, it is hard make it safe enough with so many natural risks around.

    The big problem with catering to anyone who is not in good shape, particularly if they are Eurpean or American is the crazy liability thing.
    I would dare not advertise any diabled fascilties, for fear of one person having a minor accident and being sued out of business.

    I respect and applaud Footsteps lodge.

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