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Samadhi Eco Resort’s 123-acres is a spiritual oasis. Moreover, it's only 59km/36 miles from Temuco airport in the Lake District of La Araucania. The Lake District has been called one of the most beautiful areas on the planet, as well as the most visually beautiful area in Chile.

The area around the Eco Resort is a stunning mixture of temperate rain-forests, glistening deep clear lakes, legendary rivers, smoldering snow-capped volcanoes, as well as fertile farmlands.

From Samadhi Eco Resort views of mountains are everywhere. Mountains including volcanoes Llaima, Villarrica, and Lanin loom majestically around the Eco Resort.

View from Samadhi Eco Resort

Samadhi Eco Resort view from accommodation

Experiences at Samadhi Eco Resort

With the incredible array of options, guests create their own experience – be it adventure travel or a serene escape from everyday life. The area’s immense natural elements further create a pristine environment for a variety of animals. This includes the world’s smallest deer, the rare pudu; the Monito Del Monte, the sole remaining member of the otherwise extinct order, the Microbiotheria;  as well as the Magellanic Woodpecker, the world’s largest woodpecker; and, the Andean Condor, the largest flying bird in the world. Guests can book a photography tour or course for onsite captures, or a trip to prehistoric Conguillio National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Culture is key to Samadhi Eco Resort. The local indigenous tribe, the Mapuche, are an incredible people with a remarkable history. From their nutritious, versatile and flavorsome cuisine, to their creative talents in wood carving, pottery, basketry, textiles, headdresses and necklaces, to their ancient and wonderous ways - it is a privilege to be part of their community. Guests have an array of options to pick from to experience this. To see all our options: Experiences at Samadhi Eco Resort

Things to do around Samadhi Eco Resort

Samadhi has over 53 acres of forest, and private river access. Guests can wander freely, visiting the chicken coop and goat house with free ranging chickens and goats. Guests can also visit the freestanding tree-house with enclosed kids’ area, the main cabin, or the agriculture section. The agriculture section has two organic greenhouses, a permaculture garden and organic crops. Guests are welcome to pick their own organic produce for a personal farm-to-table experience.


Guests can choose from three self-catering recycled shipping container cabins nestled in the forest to promote privacy and serenity. Each cabin provides captivating views into the life of the forest and expansive landscape. The floor to ceiling windows enhance the experience, offering a complete immersion into nature through clear panoramic views. Misty mornings may greet the guest, giving the illusion of being in the clouds. Or the magnificent view of a volcano may welcome their day.

There is also the adventurous option to stay in one of the unique and distinctive re-purposed concrete tube rooms that are cocooned in a hill. The tube rooms are surrounded by earth, and immersed within nature. Three rooms have a back window facing a fish pond. Also all rooms have views of the expansive landscape below and Volcano Villarrica through their glass front doors.

Onsite activities include yoga in a Zen garden, archery, darts, badminton, star gazing, hammock lazing or movies under the stars. Offsite activities include volunteering, trekking, cultural excursions, winter activities, hot spring visits, photography, scenic tours or hiking. Guests create their own story at Samadhi. Come be part of that experience!

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Parcela 14, Cruz del Sur
South America
mountain, forest, river
Thermal/Hot Springs, Birding, Horseback riding, White wáter rafting, Zipline and canopy tours, Stargazing, Wildlife viewing, Hiking/Trekking, Winter Activities, Other (please send me an email so I can add your activity)
Lodging Amenities
Facilities for Disabled Guests, Wifi, Gay friendly, Family Friendly, Other (please send me an email so I can add your amenity)
Price Range
$100-$250, $250-$500
Eco Lodging, Eco Tours, or Eco Resorts with Tours
Eco Rating Score (above 2 is good, 5 is highest)
4.9 out of 5
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  • Recycled Shipping Container Cabin
  • Volcano Llaima view
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  • Recycled Shipping Container Cabin View Volcano Llaima
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  • Organic Greenhouse and Volunteer Cabin

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