Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge is located in eastern Dominica. Rosalie is an award winning eco lodge along with it's sister eco lodge 3 Rivers. The Eco Lodge is in the heart of the jungle. Guests will find unique lodging, in the form of secluded bamboo tree houses, cabins, as well as camping and dormitory facilities.

Getting to Rosalie Eco Lodge involves a steep 15 minute hike behind 3 rivers eco Lodge. When guests reach it, they will be in a the jungle paradise. A reasonable level of fitness is required for the hike.

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge Bamboo Tree House

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge Bamboo Tree House

For Activities at the Eco Lodge

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Eco Rating 5 out of 5

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mountain, forest, jungle
Snorkeling, Surfing, Boat tours
Lodging Amenities
Pool, Wifi, Massage
Eco Lodging, Eco Tours, or Eco Resorts with Tours
Eco Rating Score (above 2 is good, 5 is highest)

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