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Eco-Hub Mexico

Created by Conservationists, Inspired by Nature; Eco-Hub Mexico – An online resource for ecotours, adventure tours, conservation opportunities and vacations in Mexico

Eco-Hub Mexico was created by conservationists to offer you some of the very best ecotours, adventure tours, conservation expeditions and vacations available in Mexico and beyond including kayaking, whale-watching, wildlife & nature, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, white shark cage diving, backpacking, bicycle tours, cultural and sightseeing trips, conservation adventures and much more.
It is a family run business. The creators ,Jazel Durazo and I, Jay Gittens, were inspired by the natural wonders of the Baja peninsula. This led to us forming partnerships with NGO’s and environmentally responsible tour operators in both the northern and southern states of the peninsula – Baja California and Baja California Sur. Since then we have expanded our services and also offer adventures in the Yucatan peninsula, Chihuahua, Sonora, Nayarit, Oaxaca and Jalisco and are currently in the process of reaching out further into other pristine, special or otherwise naturally beautiful areas of Mexico, central America and other Latin-American countries.

We are true travellers, ecotourists and conservationists with a passion for life and the natural wonders of the Earth – (except mosquitoes!).

Eco-Hub Mexico is based upon being completely upfront and transparent to both you, the traveller, and the tour operators, conservation organisations and accommodation owners listed in this directory. In our business, honesty is the most important thing.

Main objectives;

  • to supply a top quality, informative online resource for ecotours, adventure tours, conservation and research opportunities and other excursions and adventures in Mexico and beyond.
  • to promote tourism that has a limited impact on the environment and is sustainable for the long-term.
  • to support conservation efforts and encourage individuals to incorporate conservation into their everyday lives.
  • to always be creating new opportunities and business for ourselves and those we work with.
  • to be upfront and transparent in all our business dealings, transactions and partnerships.
  • to always be progressing, working towards our many dreams and encouraging others to also.

Our Mission;

‘To be a leading choice for sustainable travel and adventure in Mexico and beyond.’ …… gradually transforming Eco-Hub Mexico into a living, breathing, organic resource packed with fun excursions, package vacations, leading conservation opportunities, and a number of special once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel experiences.

Our Promise to you;

All ecotours offered by Eco-Hub Mexico are, to the best of our knowledge, provided by responsible tour operators and ngo’s that have a passion for the environment and the interactions with the environment that they offer to you. Our team are committed to regular monitoring of our tour providers standards of service.


Eco-Hub Mexico, and our very own MarineScape Conservation, are supporters of the following cutting-edge wildlife conservation efforts;

Marine turtle conservation project in Jalisco, Mexico. Click here for details.

Sea turtle nesting biology program in Baja California Sur, Mexico for international students. Click here for details.

Marine and coastal biodiversity monitoring in Baja California Sur, Mexico for international students. Click here for details.

Sustainable fisheries studies in Baja California Sur, Mexico for international students. Click here for details.

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La Paz
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