3 Rivers Eco Lodge – Dominica

3 Rivers Eco Lodge is located in Dominica. This hotel is a small award winning ecolodge. The setting is a lush rain forest valley, surrounded by fresh rivers and huge mountains.  The Eco Lodge offers a wide range of eco accommodations. From charming self contained cottage and an apartment. As well as camping and dormitory hostel facilities.

Eco Lodge View from Rose Cottage

3 Rivers Eco Lodge view from Rose Cottage

At 3 Rivers Eco Lodge there is a great selection of nature, adventure and community based activities for all. And our twin property, Rosalie Forest, is just a 15 minutes hike into the jungle. Rosalie Forest offers secluded bamboo tree houses. Both Eco Lodges use the same facilities.

You can read about The Scholarship Fund in Dominica that they are part of.

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