5 Reasons to Choose a Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel
5 reasons to choose boutique

When you are planning a trip there are many factors to consider. From initial packing and asking for time off of work, to transportation and budget, it can quickly become overwhelming. One choice that can be both exciting and easy is picking out your accommodation.  When it comes to picking your hotel, consider a boutique hotel for these fun reasons. First, let’s clarify what a boutique hotel is exactly.

What is a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is classified as a smaller hotel – typically 10 to 100 rooms – that is furnished, stylish, or located in a unique setting.

5 Reasons to Choose Boutique

5 reasons to choose a boutique hotel

#1 Go Small

Small boutique hotels offer relaxing spaces that compliment the environment it is in. Small hotels may appear low budget but often times this means perks. Such as personalized service, more care to decor, and a feeling of truly experiencing the location you are visiting.

#2 Plenty of Personality

Boutique hotels often go for plenty of style and quality rather than trying to accommodate large numbers. This gives their guests a unique experience like looking out into a jungle or being steps away from a sandy beach.

#3 Exceptional Service

A small hotel means fewer guests, allowing the staff to give those select guests more attention. Not only can you receive more personalized service, but often times those at boutique hotels have first-class training.

#4 High-end Design

Plenty of hotels design their rooms to look the same by going for generic comforters and furniture. Boutique hotels go the opposite direction by decorating their spaces to complement the space around them. With boutique hotels, you can expect a high-end design that embraces unique furniture pieces and fun decor.

#5 Ultimate Luxury

Your experience at a boutique hotel will give you an overwhelming sense of luxury. Aside from these spots also offering incredible design and high-end service, you can expect additional factors that make it even more enjoyable. Your boutique hotel may boast eco-friendly lodging, exceptional activities, and cuisine only enhanced by your surroundings.

No part of a vacation should be stressful, especially the planning process. If you are wondering where you should stay for your next trip consider a boutique hotel. You can almost guarantee an exclusive experience.

If you are planning on visiting the island of Roatan, Honduras in the Caribbean, take a look at Blue Bahia Resort. This small, eco-friendly boutique resort is located on the beach in a sleepy area just outside the vibrant night life strip on the island. Perfect for lazing the days away, diving and enjoying peaceful surroundings while being just moments away from all of the action.

Submitted by Blue Bahia Resort. Their listing on Eco Tropical Resorts: Blue Bahia Resort-Honduras

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