5 leaves for Bosque del Cabo in Costa Rica

Over many long years of dedicated and diligent hard work carried out by Phil and Kim Spier, Bosque has become internationally renowned as one of Costa Rica’s premier rain forest lodges. The meticulous attention to detail has ensured that the guests receive the ultimate in friendly service, delicious food and comfortable lodging. But that is only part of what makes Bosque so special. The lodge has now become a concentrated oasis of wildlife diversity that brings so many people who want to enjoy and experience the fauna and flora held within its 800 acres of diverse habitat. Many of those visitors return time and time again. A number one priority of Phil and Kim was that the lodge should be run in a sustainable way that caused both minimal impact on the environment and also benefited the local community.

This year all those years of painstaking and conscientious efforts have been recognized and have seen Bosque del Cabo honored by two major organizations. Earlier in 2012 Bosque was awarded the highest achievement possible with a Certificate of Sustainable Tourism of 5 LEAVES. This ultimate level of certification is reward for all the research, planning and implementation of a sustainability plan developed over a long period of time. Phil and Kim would like to thank Kalinga Rodriquez, Katiana Beccerra and Karen Rojas Cuadras for their hard work in helping to collate, process and present those plans to the C.S.T. board.

The second award was one given on behalf of all of those guests who have visited Bosque over the previous year and felt so moved as to write and submit a review of the lodge to the online Travel Forum TripAdvisor. Almost every one of those reviews gave the lodge a 5 star rating, one of the few hotels around the world to have achieved such stellar results. This in turn was recognized by TripAdvisor who award Bosque del Cabo with its ‘TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE”.

Phil and Kim, as well as all of the staff, were so proud to have received such a high accolade as it speaks volumes about how the people who are so important to the lodge, you the guests, view everything that we do. We hope that situation continues well into the future. Many of our guests return so many times that they become almost like family. We hope you find the same level of welcome on your first visit and you may not be too surprised to find that once you do then you will become one of those regular returnees.

Philip Davison, Tropical Ecologist, Bosque del Cabo, 2012 Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Website: Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge