Matava is the First Resort to achieve “Shark Safe Certification”

Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort and The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education take a leading role in the world with a major shark conservation initiative in the resort and tourism community.

KADAVU, FIJI ISLANDS – 14 April 2010 – Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco-Adventure Resort is proud to take a world wide leading role in the the international Shark Safe Certification program by becoming the first resort to be certified Shark Safe.

Shark Safe certification program

The mission of the Shark Safe certification program is to protect oceanic ecosystems by encouraging practices that do not negatively impact shark populations. By increasing public awareness of the need for shark conservation, we endeavor to change the way people think about sharks, thereby reducing the sale, use, and trade of shark products.

The Shark Safe certification program uses an easily recognizable logo to endorse restaurants and select businesses that distinguish themselves through their manifest dedication to shark conservation. Establishments earning Shark Safe status may proudly display the logo to attract customers. The logo also serves to engage dialogue from patrons, thereby further promoting awareness of shark and ocean conservation.

Matava Director Stuart Gow said “We have worked hard over the past few years to ensure that all the food, not just the fish, within our resturant ‘The Terrace’ here at Matava are sustainable and natural”

“Matava, and our on site fishing charters Bite Me Gamefishing Charters, are the first in Fiji to sign up and be awarded certification. We are now actively promoting, coordinating and distributing information about the Shark Safe certification program around Fiji.” he continued.

Goals of the Shark Safe certification program:

Increase public awareness of the need for shark conservation.
Reduce the sale, use, and trade of shark products. Shark Safe certification is designed to give discerning customers confidence that their choices help protect sharks.
Restaurants and businesses recognized as Shark Safe have met scientific criteria and stringent guidelines, and they are awarded the authorization to display the Shark Safe logo. The logo and its associated recognition and prestige will help attract customers to the business.

Since sharks are universally recognizable and tend to attract attention, customers and passers-by not already familiar with the program will still be drawn to the displayed logo and will be inquisitive. Participating establishments can provide literature about the Shark Safe program, explain the basic premises, and direct people to the website.

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Balamku Inn on the Beach receives Award for Green Hotel

Balamku Inn on the Beach in Mexico in has been nominated for a Leading Green Hotel award. They received the below from World Travel Awards:

It is a pleasure to inform you of your company’s nomination in the 17th Annual World Travel Awards, in the following category (categories):
Mexico & Central America’s Leading Green Hotel: Balamku Inn on the Beach, Mexico
Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as the “Travel industry’s equivalent to the Oscar’s”, the World Travel Awards are the most comprehensive and most prestigious awards programme in the global travel industry. World Travel Awards was established in 1993 to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in the world’s travel and tourism industry. With thousands of votes cast by travel professionals from 183,000 travel agencies in over 160 countries across the globe, winning a World Travel Award has become one of the highest accolades a travel product can receive.
All the nominations can now be viewed on our website at

For more information about Balamku go to: Balamku Inn on the Beach